How to import certificates to weblogic server

Below is the procedure to be done to import certificates to weblogic server. Import or download the certificate to a local folder ex: D:myprojectsDocscertsfap0424.cer ; where fap0424.cer is my certificate Using below command, import the certificate to the weblogic server keytool -import -alias fap0424  -file D:myprojectsDocscertsfap0424.cer -keystore C:OracleMiddlewareJDev11. To verify the import, use below command which list out all the certificates… failed hostname verification

Problem: When my adf web application executing a web service call, I got the below error which was failed to verify the [Security:090504]Certificate chain received from – YY.YY.YY.YY failed hostname verification check. Certificate contained * but check expected where is my host name. Solution: To avoid this error, we have two solutions. One is to… Cannot read from policy store

Problem: While running my integrated weblogic, I got an error like Cannot read from policy store. Reason is PolicyStore Error, Error at line:332 col:25  ‘ ‘Solution: To solve this error, the weblogic domain should be deleted and start the weblogic again. Then it will create a fresh domain.

How to delete MDS content of an application in weblogic?

Below steps tell you how to delete MDS content of an application from EM console. Login to weblogic EM console Under the domain (on left hand side), expand “Metadata Repositories” and select the target MDS. In this example, it is “mds-SpacesDS” You can see the list of partitions under the section “Repository Partitions” Select the target partition Click on “Delete…”…

Undeploy app from EM console

This post is to tell how to undeploy an installed application from EM (Enterprise Manager) console. Below are the steps to do the same. Login into em console Expand the domain Expand Application Deployments and then Internal Applications Select the application and right click on that From Application Deployment menu, select “Undeploy…” option (see the below image) It will open…

Enable logging in Weblogic to print System.out.println()

I have a web application in which I have given “System.out.println()” statements to print information, but I could not see these statements in weblogic logs. To get these print statements in weblogic logs, “stdout” should be enabled in the weblogic server log. To check this, we can follow the below procedure. Go to weblogic and select the server (Ex: AdminServer)…

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