IEEE Paper – Dynamic Information Retrieval With Chatbots: A Review of Artificial Intelligence Methodology

I am happy to share, my co-authored IEEE paper on a chatbots use case with the title “Dynamic Information Retrieval With Chatbots: A Review of Artificial Intelligence Methodology” has been published.  The full article can be accessed from here: Dynamic Information Retrieval With Chatbot  

Oracle Blockchain Quick Start Guide – Global available links

This book “Oracle Blockchain Quick Start Guide” systematically takes you through distributed ledger technology, blockchain, and Hyperledger Fabric while also helping you understand the significance of Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS).This book is available globally now in multiple channels. Below are a few of them. Packt Oreilly Google Books Perlego Kobo Bokus Pinterest Vitalsource Walmart Libraryofbook NLB Singapore BOL Goodreads Scholarvox

Oracle Blockchain Quick Start Guide – A book explains blockchain and BAAS

Want to start learning Blockchain and be comfortable in building an enterprise blockchain solution using the Oracle Blockchain Platform? Hope this book “Oracle Blockchain Quick Start Guide – A practical approach to implementing blockchain in your enterprise” (Authored by Vivek Acharya, Nimesh Prakash, and Me, published by Packt) would help you.This book is intended to become a quick reference to learn Blockchain,…

Passwordless Login using Account Kit, SDK from Facebook

Many apps are required to register. As per a survey, many users are leaving apps just because they don’t remember passwords. Many users don’t enter the app as they don’t like the long registration process. Even If the app provides social login (like Facebook login), few users do not want to share their social account details with the apps. Another survey…

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