Routing in Oracle JET – Know how to navigate between pages

Routing is very useful in JET when we want to navigate between pages or modules. Following is the step-by-step procedure to configure the routing in Oracle JET. ·       Open main.js under sr/js folder ·       Search for function init() . By default, you see the below statements when you create a new project in this function ko.applyBindings(new MainViewModel(), document.getElementById(‘globalBody’)); app.adjustContentPadding(); ·      …

TypeError: h.apply is not a function

This is a Knockout JS error. I faced this issue when I am trying to invoke click action of a link created. My link statement is like below. <a data-bind=”attr:{id:Reqid},text: Title,click: $(‘#popup1’).ojPopup(‘open’, ‘#btnTitle’)”></a> And on click of this link, I am getting the below error. TypeError: h.apply is not a function This is because the click handler needs to be…

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