Issue: REST web services are created in AppModule but disappeared

[JDev 12.1.3] Issue: I have created an ADF application in JDeveloper 12.1.3 in which I created restful web services in the app module for the business components. I created another ViewObject by custom sql query and added to app module and created rest services for it. Suddenly all my existing rest services are disappeared from the app module window and +…

Error: not found

[maf 2.3.1]I am developing a mobile application with MCS offline sync feature using Oracle MAF. I have used AMPA for the implementation. After deploying the application, on click of “Pending Sync Actions”, I got the below error. Feature not found with id “” This is because the library might be deleted or corrupted in the application. To avoid this error,…

Error: Calling the constructor for class oracle.jbo.server.SequenceImpl is not permitted

[JDev 12.1.3] I have created an EntityObject in the Model project and assigned a DB sequence to the key attribute of it. While running the project, I got the below error. [Static type checking] – [ADF security error] Calling the constructor for class oracle.jbo.server.SequenceImpl is not permitted. To avoid this issue, Go to the source of the entity object xml file…

Error: [ADF security error] The method getDBTransaction on class oracle.jbo.server.EntityImpl is not permitted

[JDev] I have created an EntityObject from database table and assigned an expression to its key attribute to get the value from a database sequance (See this post to know how to assign a db sequence to a property in entity object ). But while building the project, I got the below error. Error(11,53): [Static type checking] – [ADF security error]…

How to open device camera or picture gallery from Oracle MAF app

MAF provides a device feature method getPicture() to open the device camera or picture gallery. You can create binding to it if you want to open camera on the app. But if you want to handle this from java code in MAF, then check the below post.Below is the code should be used to access the camera from the java…

Connecting Git hub with JDeveloper

This post is to learn how to connect Git hub server to JDeveloper. Github is providing a Github Desktop client to connect github repository. But if you are a JDeveloper user, then you can also connect the repository from the JDeveloper. I am using JDeveloper version: in this example and below is the procedure to do it.Open the JDeveloper….

Invoking constructor twice in JSFF with panelTabbed component

I have a JSFF page which has panelTabbed component with four tabs and one of the tabs is displaying data from a managed bean. While loading the page, the bean constructor is being called twice. To avoid this add the below property to the panelTabbed tag,  which will avoid loading the tab data until it shows.   childCreation=”lazyUncached”

Error: Page template name already used in library

I have created a page template with name “PageTemplate.jspx” in JDeveloper for my application, but I deleted the file later. Again when I tried to create a page template with the same name “PageTemplate.jspx”  in the application then I got the below validation error “Page template name already used in library”.     Even if we delete the file from…

Using HTTP Analyzer in JDeveloper

JDeveloper provides a tool called “Http Analyzer “ which is very useful when we are using web service in our application and if we want to see what input request, the application is being sent to server via web service. To start using the “Http Analyzer”, please do the below steps. Go to Tools menu of JDeveloper and select Http…

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