Integrating Oracle Digital Assistant with Oracle Analytics Cloud via SOAP webservice

In this post, you will see the integration between ODA (Oracle Digital Assistant) and OAC(Oracle Analytics Cloud) dashboard. Creating OAC dashboard: Soap services are exposed for the dashboard Changes required to the ODA custom component: Add the “soap” module to the ODA custom code node project In the component javascript file, uses the below program code.  Where,   createClient() is the…

Oracle Blockchain Quick Start Guide – Global available links

This book “Oracle Blockchain Quick Start Guide” systematically takes you through distributed ledger technology, blockchain, and Hyperledger Fabric while also helping you understand the significance of Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS).This book is available globally now in multiple channels. Below are a few of them. Packt Oreilly Google Books Perlego Kobo Bokus Pinterest Vitalsource Walmart Libraryofbook NLB Singapore BOL Goodreads Scholarvox