March 2019

OBP – Writing Blockchain chaincode in Node JS

This post is to show how to write a chain code in NodeJS. Since version 1.2, the opensource Hyperledger fabric blockchain framework supports nodeJS to write chain codes. As Oracle Blockchain Platform (OBP) built on Hyperledger fabric and it upgrades to Hyperledger fabric 1.3 (latest version), we can also write chain codes using NodeJS in OBP. Let’s see a sample…

Configure Rich History in Oracle Blockchain Platform

Connecting Oracle Autonomous Transactional Process (ATP) as a Rich History Database in Oracle Blockchain Platform is very easy. It takes just a few configuration steps. Let’s see, how to do the configuration. Get the ATP connection details. For this, log in to ATP service console Download wallet package file and copy the TNS name for the connection string to be…

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