March 2018

Oracle MAF: How to get the current row object of an binding iterator programmatically

[Oracle MAF 2.3.1]Below is a code snippet helps to get the current object of a binding iterator from Java program in Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF). AmxIteratorBinding ib = (AmxIteratorBinding) AdfmfJavaUtilities.evaluateELExpression(“#{bindings.listIncidetnsIterator}”); oracle.adfmf.dc.bean.ConcreteJavaBeanObject obj= (oracle.adfmf.dc.bean.ConcreteJavaBeanObject)ib.getCurrentRow(); IncidentVORow row=(IncidentVORow) obj.getInstance(); — Where #{bindings.listIncidetnsIterator} is binding iterator expression for a list of Incident objects IncidentVORow is a bean class of incident object “row” contains…

Oracle Intelligent Bots: Integrating chatbots with Facebook Messenger

Below is the procedure to integrate chat bot developed using Oracle Intellegent Bot Cloud Service (IBCS) with the Facebook channel. Create a Facebook page Make sure you seeĀ  “Send Message” button on the page like below If you dont see this button, the follow the below steps, other wise continue to the integration Click on the button or select Edit…