November 2015

How to import certificates to weblogic server

Below is the procedure to be done to import certificates to weblogic server. Import or download the certificate to a local folder ex: D:myprojectsDocscertsfap0424.cer ; where fap0424.cer is my certificate Using below command, import the certificate to the weblogic server keytool -import -alias fap0424  -file D:myprojectsDocscertsfap0424.cer -keystore C:OracleMiddlewareJDev11. To verify the import, use below command which list out all the certificates…

java.sql.SQLException: stale connection

If you are getting the exception “java.sql.SQLException: stale connection” then you should check whether the Connection object is closed anywhere in the app and you are trying to access the same object. In this case, the object is closed and no longer available, so you can not do any execution on that object. Solution is to create a fresh connection…