April 2015

Run Android Apps on your Mac or PC

Do you have Chrome on your Mac or PC? Then you can run android apps on your Mac or PC. Google has come up with App Runtime for Chrome (ARC).Pre-requisites: You need Chrome browser for sure to start with it apk file of the app  you wanted to install Procedure: Below is the procedure to setup and install the apk file…. failed hostname verification

Problem: When my adf web application executing a web service call, I got the below error which was failed to verify the [Security:090504]Certificate chain received from – YY.YY.YY.YY failed hostname verification check. Certificate contained * but check expected where is my host name. Solution: To avoid this error, we have two solutions. One is to… Cannot read from policy store

Problem: While running my integrated weblogic, I got an error like Cannot read from policy store. Reason is PolicyStore Error, Error at line:332 col:25  ‘ ‘Solution: To solve this error, the weblogic domain should be deleted and start the weblogic again. Then it will create a fresh domain.