Localization to ADF application with f: loadBundle

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To implement localization in ADF applications, we create property files with the fields and their values in different languages.
For example, I have below property file with some fields and their values in Danish language.
I want to display these values in the jsf page to the user.


To use these property fields and to display on the jsf page,
we were provided a tag called “loadBundle” whose syntax is as below.
<f:loadBundle basename=”application”
Where “application” is the basename of the property file and
“app” is the variable name to be used in the jsf page to invoke these fields of
the property file. If you are using more property files for different language
like French,English and Danish, then the property file names should be as
And maken a child entry to the tag <application> for
the used languages in the faces-config.xml as below
So, whenever the language is changed, the corresponding
property file will be picked up to display the fields.
And to use the fields in the page, we use el expression
syntax like #{app.BODY}
In the loadBundle tag, for the basename attribute, we can
also pass the ResourceBundle class instead of property file name.

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