Webcenter Portal Display issues in lower versions of IE

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I have a portal application developed
in JDev 1.6. While running the application, it supposed to be 
displayed full of
the browser and it is in Firefox, Chrome and even in IE (version greater than
8). But 
I have a requirement to use this in IE7. When I run this app in IE7,
the app is displaying in one third 
of the browser. To make my app displays
properly in IE7, I need to write some browser specific 
javascript. Below is my
javascript code added to my home page. This script will be executed when 
browser is IE and its version is 7.

browser_version= parseInt(navigator.appVersion);
browser_type = navigator.appName;
if (browser_type == “Microsoft
Internet Explorer” ) {
if((browser_version == 4)){
var lineURL =
“&lt;style&gt;.af_decorativeBox { width: 100% !important;height:
 !important;}div.af_decorativeBox_center{overflow: hidden
!important;}div.af_panelTabbed_body {overflow: auto;}.profileSubHeader{
margin-left: -10px !important}.wid50 input {width: 35px


In the above code, lineURL is a
variable which holds css styles which will impact my display in IE7.

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