Import ADF Taskflow into a Portal as a library

To import a ADF task flow into a web center portal application as a library, follow the below procedure Create a deployment profile for the ADF task flow project as “ADF library jar” Deploy and make adf library jar for the ADF task flow Open the Resource Palette on right side of the JDev Right click on “File System” and…

f: loadBundle tag

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To implement localization in ADF applications, we create property files with the fields and their values in different languages. For example, I have below property file with some fields and their values in Danish language. I want to display these values in the jsf page to the user. BODY              =Hoveddel ITEM               =Varepost SUBMIT          =Indsend SUMMARY     =Oversigt COPY               =Kopier To use…

Create or Configure a Pagelet

Below is the procedure to create/configure the pagelet.         Create a portal application and deploy in an application server Login to Pagelet producer. http://<host>:<port:>/pageletadmin In the Navigator select option “Producers” for “Jump to” from the list, will display screen like below Click on Register button, a screen like below will be displayed Enter required fields like Producer Name, WSDL url…

Configuring Discussion Server to Webcenter Spaces

Below are the steps to configure the discussion server with webcenter spaces           1)      Open the EM console: http://<host>:port/em           2)      Go to “Service Configuration” Option in Webcenter domain as shown in the below screen                3)      Select “Discussions & Announcements” from the list available            4)      Click on Add button, you will get the below screen           …

How to set binding object values from Java class?

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This post is to explain how to set values of an object to another object of same type in adf bindings from java class. To understand better, let’s take an example. I have a java class to which data control was created.  The class contains an object of ServiceRequest class which was defined during some actions in the class. The…

af:inputFile component

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<af:inputFile /> component is useful to browse and select file to upload. Hence, whenever we want to accept files from users, we can display this component on the JSF page. But to get the selected values from this component the “usesUpload” attribute of the form should be set to “true”, otherwise it returns null always. <af:form id=”f1″ usesUpload=”true”> <af:inputFile label=”Image…

Getting current record of data control from program

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By using the below code, we can get the current row from the data control. BindingContext bindingctx = BindingContext.getCurrent(); BindingContainer bindings = bindingctx.getCurrentBindingsEntry();  DCBindingContainer bindingsImpl = (DCBindingContainer)bindings;  DCIteratorBinding iter =  bindingsImpl.findIteratorBinding(<binding iterator>);  Row currentRow=iter.getCurrentRow(); Where <binding iterator> is the iterator name which data control is binded to the page and holds the data